2011 m. gruodžio 12 d., pirmadienis

Life is easy !!!

Wonderful video from TED. About natural houses and conscious happy living.
"Before I thought that stupid people like me … cannot have a house… because people who are cleverer than me and get a job need to work for 30 years to have a house. But for me, who cannot finish university, how can I have a house. It's hopeless for people who have low education like me. But when I start to do earthen buildings, it's so easy! I spent two hours per day… and in 3 months I have a house. A friend who was the most clever in the class he has a house too but he has to be in debt for 30 years, so compared to him I have 29 years and 10 months of free time. I feel life is so easy."

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  1. o kas yra earthen buildings? norite pasakyti, kad tai taip paprastai suveike?