2012 m. birželio 10 d., sekmadienis


"What if there was a place that expressed our awe for nature? A place outside of time, an island of tranquility. A place where the elephants watch over you, where whales lullaby you to sleep. A place where you fall in love with nature. A place of stillness where silence becomes audiable. A place where the mysteries of nature are embraced. A place there is no “Why?” and you remember the things you thought you forgot. A place where you are humbled and amazed, where you breathe the air of birds, where you dance on the bottom of the sea, where you look through the eyes of a cheetah. Where animals are the story tellers and man the apprentice. A place of refuge. A place of bliss. A place to dream. A place to make a wish. A place that is not about possessing but about sharing. A place that changes your heart. There is such a place."

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